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“I am amazed” is what I mostly hear from my clients after our first session.  I have never had a client who did not feel different after their session with me. Many heal deeply and quickly.  
Why did I become an energy healer?  Well, it wasn’t on purpose. I never sat down and said, “hey I want to be an energy healer”. Energy healing, I would say, found me. I would heal myself as a child. Not really knowing what I was doing, I would heal myself using a technique that I have since perfected, but was close to what I do now. 
I used to get really bad abscessed teeth.  YIKES, I had to have one removed.  After going through that, I knew I never wanted that to happen again.  I got another abscessed tooth but this time, I healed it myself. The next day all the pain was gone. By the end of the day the inflammation was gone. After that, having cold/flu/strep throat many times, I healed them all. 
But as you get older and society tells you that such things are impossible, you start to believe them –and I did. So I stopped trying to heal myself and just relied on Doctors. 
Fast forward to 2010 — I resigned from teaching because of stress. My health tanked — with Lyme disease, adrenal exhaustion, Gluten intolerance, several other food allergies, Hashimotos disease and severe hormonal imbalance.  I felt horrible and had a hard time even walking across our living room floor. I went to several doctors, all of them expensive (at this time you needed a “specialist” to help with the Lyme).  Then I gave up on them — on to a specialist for hormones, they put me on three different medicines which I wanted to avoid at all costs. I did change my diet which helped, and I got as much rest as I could, but I was still not healing all the way, there was a piece missing. I knew that it was out there somewhere.  
I am a voracious reader and researcher, so on that adventure I went.  I “bumped” into The Emotion Code — It put energy healing into context for me. I learned about it, incorporated it with what I already knew and it worked — it worked well.  
I felt a change in me for the better. So I became certified in the modality.  I have also studied under several other healers who are all brilliant.  I’ve taken away from each of them what I have found works best for my clients and myself. 
I have healed, I no longer take any medications, I feel years younger. And, to this day, I continue to search for new ways to incorporate even more versatility into my practice so my clients can heal safely, quickly, and easily. 

What People Say about the healing

Yes!!! I can eat corn again! Lisa’s work is accurate and healing. I did experience fear when embarking on this journey due to many emergency hospital visits from even the tiniest exposures to corn in the past. The process of just being open to healing as her clearing work went through all of the underlying reasons for my corn issue was a fascinating and freeing experience. Can this work actually heal these issues? Yes

Thank you Lisa, you are a true healer — April – Northern California

I wanted to share with others the value of Lisa’s work and what it has meant to me.  13 years ago I was in a severe health crisis.  I was diagnosed with food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.  This would cause hours of vomiting, dry heaving and hospital visits because I had gone into shock. Even tiny exposures from cross contamination would mean loosing several days to illness in addition to an emergency room hospital bill.  I tried everything! Elimination diets, rotation diets and many, many forms of healing work.  I even developed my own healing practice in this process.  Prior to Lisa’s work the most significant shift had been adding cultured foods to my diet but the fact remained I was still allergic to a long list of foods with even the tiniest exposure causing havoc in my life.
I spent countless hours looking over ingredient lists when shopping!  Unless you have had these issues it can be difficult to imagine how it affects a person’s life.
I began to explore additional forms of healing work and connected with Lisa.  I was determined to heal and basically made a commitment of an hour a week with her for however long was necessary.  I let go of all hesitations.  Many sessions were distance with a report emailed to me upon completion.  There were times that she found things that made no sense to me but I came to realize the body chooses the next closest thing within the method she uses so I decided to just be open and let her work.  I decided to trust the process even if I did not fully understand it.  I just knew there was something to this work.  It took commitment and time – about four months of 1 hour per week to be exact.  
I am just thrilled to report I no longer have any food allergies, intolerances or sensitivities! None!  No more issues with dairy products, corn, grapes, brewers yeast, baking yeast, vinegar, eggs or wheat.  Admittedly, it took me time after testing ok to eat these foods again to trust enough to actually test it as you might imagine!
I have gradually added back in these foods that had been such a huge problem all these years.  I had corn chips with sour cream and salsa just yesterday. No problems. Wow! I have actually healed.  
Lisa’s work does do a few rounds of testing ok then not ok for particular foods, before the root issues have completely healed.  She will walk you through that part.  Also there is some basic maintenance in learning how to not trap negative emotions and not fall into old patterns. Lisa’s life coaching will walk you through everything you need to know.
Another interesting thing about this work, is that along the way other things healed that we were not focused on.  I had always had dry eyes, one day I woke up after one of Lisa’s sessions and I felt like I was crying but the tears never fell.  I kept blinking – it felt like I just added drops to both eyes but I had not.  Seriously, it is so nice not to look stoned everyday.  What a wonderful blessing – out of the blue as that was not specifically what Lisa had been working on.  It came in the unwinding of the other health issues. Getting to root causes really works.  
I hope this testimony helps some of you move forward with healing your food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances.  
April – Northern California 
“I injured my back at age 26 and never expected at the time, that today, at age 51, I would still be dealing with the on and off pain in different areas of my back and body. It took 18 years before I had an MRI and have been diagnosed with several herniated discs, bulging discs, arthritis, narrowing of the spinal column, disc degeneration, throughout different areas of my cervical, thorasic and lumbar spine. I was a waitress at the time of the injury, a job I had been doing for over 12 years. Lifting heavy trays and bending my spine in the same position created the curved spine and the back pain. My treatments have been chiropractic for 18 years and for the past 8 years I have switched to Osteopathic treatment every other week. I use the heating pad a lot, walk to relieve the pain in a natural way but I have to take at least one – 3 pain pills a day for a little temporary relief just to go to work. Just 3 weeks ago, Lisa, my friend of 38 years, introduced me to the Emotion Code and Body Code. I allowed Lisa to work on me from a distance of her home in VA and my home in FL whenever she got the chance or felt like it. She worked on me for about 20 minutes that same day, (but I didn’t know it) then sent me a text asking if I felt any different. Wow was I shocked. I realized at that moment that my mid back (thorasic spine) was not in pain anymore. That was the area of my back that’s been causing me total agony the most, for over a year. Most days I can’t wait to get home from work so I can just lay on the heating pad for some relief. Then the second text came when she told me she worked on my Thorasic Vetabrea 7-12, and said “I can’t believe you’ve been dealing with that kind of pain”. How did she know? How could she possibly know that my mid back had been causing me agony? In 20 minutes of her working on me at a distance, my pain was totally gone. It’s been 3 weeks now and I am still pain free in my mid back. I can’t express enough thanks for her new found healing method. I have not used a heating pad since she treated me and reduced my pain medication to 0-1 pill a day! My face looks 10 years younger from taking away the agony in my mid back. Thank you Lisa!” –Terry Marra, Sarasota Florida
Good morning!
I can’t thank you enough for yesterday. You literally were a life saver. Clearing toxins out of my body made a huge difference for me. I don’t feel angry, depressed, or any of the many other feelings I had that built up to yesterday. Energy work is very different than other methods I have used in the past, and not something I have been successful at doing on myself. I love Qi Gong, a gentle sister exercise of Tai Chi, but while it does move energy, it doesn’t clear what you are able to. That was the saddest I had been in a long time, and I feel like myself again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Looking forward to next Thursday!”
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