Simplify Your Health

Health care today has become so complicated.  “What foods are good for me to eat, do I need supplements, which ones, what kind of oils are good for me, What are GMOs, How do I get enough sleep when I can’t sleep? UGH, the list goes on and on.

The human body is also complicated but it is also incredibly intelligent and amazing. It has phenomenal healing powers.  Our bodies are in the constant act of trying to reach homeostasis. We and society, are getting in the way of this. There are so many factors that make the body’s job of being healthy so difficult.

After years of research and finally being able to find healing for myself, one thing rings true, balance is the key to health.  You need to eat properly, but also enjoy treats. You need healthy relationships, they have to be properly balanced with give and take.  You need enough rest, but also enough movement, and so on.

But many of the balances, including the ones above are almost impossible to achieve if there are negative energies getting in the way, literally, they get in the way of digestion, of sleeping, of having healthy relationships etc. Throughout life, we absorb negative energies that stay in our energy field.  How many times do you sit and ruminate over something that made you mad 20 years ago?  That negative energy is still with you. These energies distort our own energy field, which can eventually distort our physical field. Do you ever have pain that no one can seem to help you with?

To heal these factors without energy healing is difficult.  It’s like walking down the street against a strong wind, you may make it up the street but it was a very difficult journey and the wind is still there and very often, with many illnesses you are fighting that wind all your life.  I remove the “wind” for you.

My method of energy healing quickly and simply removes the “wind” from your energy field, it removes the negative energies that are adversely affecting all the factors you are working so hard to balance.  So you don’t have imbalances affecting your digestion, your sleep, and your relationships etc.

Make it easier on yourself, remove the wind.  I can do it for you.  I can also teach you how to avoid future negative energies. Then you can heal as your body wants and was designed to do.

Here is my wish for you:

• To bounce out of bed feeling vibrantly alive.

• To enjoy close, loving relationships with everyone you wish to.

• To have a special love in your life.

• To believe that you are worthy of great prosperity and to have it in your life.

• To redefine and claim the life you were born to have.

• To have self-empowerment.

…..and I am here to help you achieve those goals

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