What is Energy Healing

What exactly is Energy healing? It is simply, healing the energy in your body.

We all have our own personal energy field.  Some people call it our aura. It surrounds us, and permeates our body. 

As we go through life we experience events that can cause us to absorb negative energy into our field.  Unless they are processed and released, they can stay there for life. Anger, sadness, accidents, death etc, there are all sorts of events that can add negative energies to our field.  

We may not feel any different at first, in fact maybe not for many years, but these don’t belong there and can eventually distort our physical field.  This is when illness and pain take place.  Your body’s most important task everyday is to heal you.  These energies get in the way of that healing. 

These energies can also change the way we feel about certain events.  Are you quick to anger, are you slow to love, do you have issues attracting money? These negative energies also distort our thinking, our own emotions. They can make it hard for us to handle our relationships and other parts of our lives in a healthy way.  

How a session is done

Using muscle testing, while connecting to your subconscious, I identify the exact negative energies that are stuck within your field that are causing a particular issue and quickly remove them. 

What I do is dig and continue to remove the negative energies to get to the root causes. I look for and remove the WHY something is happening, I don’t just just mask the symptoms. 

When they are gone, they are gone for good, they do not come back. There is no “prescription” that you need to buy every month to hope to stay out of pain. This is done without drugs, without anything that will compromise your health. 

This can be done right over the phone no matter where you are.
Energy knows no distance, so I can do this for anyone around the world. 

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